Board of Management

The Board of Management are members of our community who volunteer their time to provide corporate governance and strategic direction to Red Cliffs and Community Aged Care Services Inc. They employ a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee the day to day functions of the Village. The Board meets monthly and receives reports and updates from the CEO and the Finance Manager. They monitor all aspects of the performance of the organisation and provide feedback and direction for its ongoing activities.

The Board Members
Mr. Mal Goodieson (President; Member, Finance and Audit Committee)
Mrs. Julie Primmer
Mr. Peter Nancarrow (Chair, Finance and Audit Committee)
Mrs. Dawn Goullet (Friends Committee Representative)
Ms. Nicole Shaw
Mrs. Kathryn Humphries
Mrs. Gaye Ballinger
Mrs. Karen Shore (Member, Finance and Audit Committee)
Mr. Michael King
Mr. Gary Cramp

Independent Finance Committee Member
Mrs. Kellie Nulty

Retired Board Members
Mr. Guy van Enst
Mr. John Shaw
Mrs. Lynnette Dixon
Mr. Rodney Gray
Mrs. Pat Martin
Mrs. Jan Goullet
Mr. Bruce Penny
Mrs. Jan Goodieson
Mrs. Ann O'Singa


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