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Red Cliffs Community and Aged Care Services Inc. (RCCACS) was established in 1999 by combining Sunraysia Hostel for the Elderly and Red Cliffs Nursing Home. These 2 entities had previously been managed by the Mildura Base Hospital for the Department of Human Services. Red Cliffs Nursing Home, located in Jamieson Avenue, was originally a hospital. There had been a long tradition of Hospital services in Red Cliffs including:

  • Hollywood Hospital, Heath Street, 1925 to 1931
  • Hampton Cottage Hospital, Guava Street, 1926 to 1930
  • Tasma Private Hospital, Indi Ave., 1931 to 1934
  • Tasma Private Hospital, Jamieson Ave., 1935 to 1956
  • Red Cliffs District Hospital, (managed by Mildura Base Hospital), Jamieson Ave., 1956 to 1993

The first two units of Sunraysia Hostel for the Elderly were constructed in Calotis Street by Mildura Base Hospital in 1991. Three further units were constructed in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The Hub was built in 1995 with Unit 3.

In late 1993 the hospital services were centralised back to the Base Hospital in Mildura and Red Cliffs Nursing Home was created. In 1999 the old Base Hospital was handed over by the government to be managed by a private company. This handover did not include the aged care beds. The Red Cliffs community rallied and successfully lobbied to take community ownership of the Nursing Home and Red Cliffs Community and Aged Care Services Incorporated (Red Cliffs Aged Care) was born.

The Board of Management of Red Cliffs Aged Care quickly set about investigating the option of co-locating the Hostel and Nursing Home. In 2001 land was purchased adjacent to the Hostel and a new building was constructed to house the Nursing Home Elders. In 2003 the two entities became co-located in Calotis Street.

We now provide residential aged care to 74 permanent Elders and short term respite services to 1 Elder at a time. We provide high care places (traditionally known as Hostel and Nursing Home) in single or shared accommodation.

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